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Speed traps in Panama…


I was warned by a motorcyclist ahead of me to pay attention to the speed limits in Panama.  I was watching the speedometer, knowing there were Policia with radar guns lurking in the shadows of overpasses and trees next to the road.  The freeways in Panama are 4 lanes wide with pull off shoulders again, and keep going in a straight line for miles.  I saw the signs drop from 100kph to 80 kph, but my speed didn’t drop quickly enough.

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Who needs GPS when you have a Police escort?

It all started with a question to the woman at the counter of Hotel Molino, where I stayed for the night in La Esperanza, Intibuca, Honduras.  Maybe I should blame Wikipedia for planting the idea – where ever I stay for the night, I try to find something interesting and worthy of time spent to check out.

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