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Peru, Interrupted. – Pt. 2

We stayed the night in Ollantaytambo to catch the first train to Machu Picchu in the morning. Our hostel just steps from the park, so we didn’t feel the need to climb them. Read more →

Peru, Interrupted. Pt. 1 – (a photo heavy post)

It was a welcomed interruption from the constant travel that incited survival mode. Ride. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. After hurrying through northern Peru, I was happy to be meeting a friend in Arequipa. He rented a motorcycle from Peru Motors, and after sorting out issues with his bike as well as mine – pushing the distance in the heat caused my fan to shake itself to death – we were off to enjoy the country for a two-week diversion. Read more →

A quick note on photographing people:

On the phone with my mom, she asked, “why don’t you post more pictures of people?” Well, it’s a good question.

I left Los Angeles with the idea of shooting more portraits and people like in the day of Freelander or Winogrand. But when all the other tourists are running around wielding cameras like they were working for National Geographic, I just want to put mine away. I don’t want to be a part of that. Read more →

Peru: A mad Dash

From the moment I crossed the Ecuadorian border into Peru, I could feel the mad dash was on. I needed to make it to Arequipa by Jan, 16. The roads through lush equadorian highlands, once twisted, now straightended for miles and miles through flat Peruvian desert.

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