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A conversation with D. Brent Miller of Sojourn Chronicles

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Brent about traveling and my latest trip to Tierra del Fuego. For those who are not familiar with Sojourn Chronicles, Brent interviews a wide range of enthusiasts of motorcycles, traveling, bicycling, adventuring, and more, which you can find on his website. Read more →

What happens when a DR-Z, a KLR, and a KTM meet…

We ran the gamut on engine displacement that day.  There was celebration by playing in the dirt, and bouncing around in terrain that looked like we landed on the moon…  But it was only Paisley, OR.  We rode until the sun was no longer high in the sky. The heat of the day faded quickly with the sun.  Three headlights chasing dimly lit double yellow lines until the black of the road ahead folded into the silhouette of the mountains.  The sky turned a deep blue and it was as if someone threw glitter in the sky.

It was a shake down trip for the bikes to see how well they will fair for taking down to Baja.  And just a good excuse for pics: