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Heading to the Mexican Highlands – a Birthday Celebration and Dia de los Muertos

October 31st arrived and I found myself celebrating the night in Tequila, MX… yes the region producing the drink so many have over-indulged on.  The town was very lively and finding accommodations for 4 riders as the sun set behind the brightly colored building was proving to be tricky.

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Day 10: A day off the motorcycles

After nine days on the road, traveling over 1600 miles of asphalt and a ferry across the Sea of Cortez, it was time for a day off.  Riding in Mexico is exhausting.  It’s either pay hefty tolls for a straight thoroughfare or wind through side highways and small towns, maneuvering around lumbering trucks when possible while sucking up exhaust fumes since there seem to be no EPA restrictions in effect. Attention is a continuous need between potholes that could have been where meteors hit and vehicles of all sizes that pass in blind curves.

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