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How two weeks in Guatemala passed so quickly:

Part 1: A taste of home

Guatemala was instantly better.  The hills reflected a vibrant green, big-leafed plants swayed next to skinny trees with branches reaching to the sky for ample rain.  And that was what the sky promised.  The first chance we found to pull off  was in the gravel in front of someone’s house. They watched as we opted for our waterproof suits, covering the plain clothes we were wearing for a hot day at the border.  We waved thank you and hopped back on our motorcycles.  As we climbed in elevation on nicely paved twisty roads, the heat diminished, and rain fell, washing a little bit of Mexico off of us. Read more →

A Guatemalan Border Crossing Experience…

We tried to find a halfway point between Oaxaca and Tapachula, where we planned to cross the border.  When we stopped in Juchitan for the night (I believe the joke was, “it must be you they are staring at, because I am starting to blend in.”  I have never felt so much on display, as if we were beings from Mars, riding into town on massive, loaded bikes, wearing astronaut suits.  I have also never been so grossed out with the only accommodations we could find with decent parking.

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