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Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

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Visiting Mano del Desierto – Atacama desert, Chile

The hand in the Atacama desert, Chile Read more →

a Time to say goodbye: The sale of my beloved KLR

Close to the Finale:

I had spent 46,579 miles with Oscar, my trusty KLR685  since 2009.   I adorned him with all the best modifications, including gold chains and improved doohickeys, even though you wouldn’t know by looking at it. The time to pass the bike to another rider had arrived. Oscar had taken me all over North, Central and South Americas, but this was his final journey with me. Read more →

Chile: the Patagonian Wonders

And the road continues south, and even when two riders enter the landscape, it is a solitude like no other…

pictures speak for themselves…

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Waking up with the Sun

Wild Camping in Patagonia Read more →

Chile: Girls gone feral

We were stopped to the side of a compacted dirt road, tools laid out beside the back wheel, the sound of a chain fallen off had halted any further progress in our destination to Pan de Azucar. Three shiny, big, adventure bikes pull up beside Deb’s fading yellow GS650. It was the Chileans we met at the gas station who told us about camping on the beach at the national park. Read more →