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Bolivia: going Down and getting Out.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave Bolivia without it taking me down first.

I should have known when the woman who worked at the hostel asked, “Where are you heading?”
“Chile,” we responded with happiness filling in the space around that one word.
“That’s a good road, as long as it’s not raining.”
Really? Why did she have to say that? What is it with women parting gifts of such promonitive words? And why did we decide to visit Bolivia during the rainy season?

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Bolivia: Trying to find the good things… Carnaval & Salar de Uyuni

The dust laden streets were alive with the sounds of a band marching and the shuffles of dancing feet. They passed the hostel several times before bursting through opened steel doors. We and our dismantled bikes were greeted with confetti and streamers around our necks and offerings of beer, some for drinking and plenty for showering. They danced for carnival, a celebration strongly rooted in tradition. I was surprised, yet thankful, for their welcoming nature at the present since we (gringos) were invisible all other times. Read more →

When they say don’t drink the water, they mean it.

When they say don’t drink the water, they mean it.

(Note to reader: this is medically explicit and contains women specific problems. As a recently pregnant friend said to me… I’m going to tell you things your friends didn’t. With that said, its not pretty, but a reality, so use caution.) Read more →

Bolivia: If, When, Where…

The last leg through Peru was a cold, wet, and snowy one with lightning striking all around us. But I wasn’t turning back to Arequipa. And there is no where worth stopping until Chucuito, which took us through some of the nastiest weather on the trip so far.

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