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What happens when a DR-Z, a KLR, and a KTM meet…

We ran the gamut on engine displacement that day.  There was celebration by playing in the dirt, and bouncing around in terrain that looked like we landed on the moon…  But it was only Paisley, OR.  We rode until the sun was no longer high in the sky. The heat of the day faded quickly with the sun.  Three headlights chasing dimly lit double yellow lines until the black of the road ahead folded into the silhouette of the mountains.  The sky turned a deep blue and it was as if someone threw glitter in the sky.

It was a shake down trip for the bikes to see how well they will fair for taking down to Baja.  And just a good excuse for pics:

10 days… 1522 miles of bugs, dust and grime… and barely breaking in a Klim suit.

Some companies know how to do it right.  Klim (as in climb) gear is one of them.  A small family operated company out of Idaho, they seem know what people like when it comes to adventure gear: waterproof, breathable and durable.

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The shift in the air.

There is a shift, like when you feel the morning crispness of fall air and realize that summer is over.  This shift happens for me each time I prepare.  The words “What the fuck am I doing?” no longer repeat over and over in my head.  They are replaced with, “What are the last things I need to do to get the fuck out of here?”

It’s a mixed bag: part letting go of all that is in my daily life, part believing that I am actually going to go, and part feeling ready to leave it all behind.

When I was originally thinking about this trip, I had planned for a May 2013 departure and travel for a full year.  Then the realization came that I would not be any further along in my preparation 2 months away from my current departure in November than I would two months out from a spring departure.  Time is relative.  Procrastination is even more relative.  Maybe I like the mad rush of it all at the end.  Maybe its part of the excitement building.  Maybe I just don’t believe it until it happens.

I woke this morning feeling more ready than any time I have since I announced my all too soon, yet not soon enough departure.  It’s time to prepare.  It’s time to go.