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Wanderland News for November:

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Presenting at Horizons Unlimited – Cambria, CA – Oct. 26 & 27, 2013


Last year I departed from HU and embarked on a motorcycle trip for 6 months throughout 13 countries in North, Central and South America. This year instead of leaving on a big trip, I will be presenting my experiences of that journey. If you are in the area, come on by, watch 30+ presenters and meet like-minded motorcycle overlanders who travel both near and far distances, for weekends or months at a time. Read more →

ODE to Oscar… my KLR685…

I couldn’t let it go without paying honor to a motorcycle I have shared so many years with, even if it is just a KLR. That’s saying something since I have never done this for any ex-boyfriend. I wanted to show and explain a little bit of the process and development over the last 3 years – 8 months and 46,579 miles as both Oscar and I progressed.

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Overland Expo… a homecoming, a reunion, and a reminder to keep it simple.

I was greeted with great big hugs as I found my campmates at OX13. It was a reunion with my moto family – the crew that makes up the Adventure trio ( a never forgotten cheerleader Sandy, strong Terry, and bright-eyed Jack; a warm welcome by the energetic smiles of Nicole and wisdom of Paul; and so many other familiar faces known and yet to be introduced.

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A conversation with D. Brent Miller of Sojourn Chronicles

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Brent about traveling and my latest trip to Tierra del Fuego. For those who are not familiar with Sojourn Chronicles, Brent interviews a wide range of enthusiasts of motorcycles, traveling, bicycling, adventuring, and more, which you can find on his website. Read more →

the Book is finished!

Here is a photographic journal of my adventure to Alaska.  After a few months at home and a tally of 2,800 images, I finally narrowed the collection down to 130 images. Please enjoy the journey as I have.


( I apologize for the expensiveness of the book, its not me, self-publishing is just pricey.  I will be adding more photos to this website  in the near future.)

Thank you Scorpion gear…

Trying to find the appropriate motorcycle gear before I left for Alaska was a task in itself.  I tried at least half a dozen jackets, but the reality is that I’m tall, I’m busty and not much of the European stature (they make great designs, but I have more meat on my bones than that). I didn’t want to settle for wearing boxy men’s gear because there are enough women out there some company should be able to accommodate my needs.  I was looking for waterproof gear, knowing that I was bound for some (if not all) rainy days in Alaska.  It should have enough layers to keep me warm and vents to cool off on the hot days.  So enter Scorpion’s new adventure line for women… their gear fit the bill.  The jacket, even though I joke about it taking 5 minutes to get in and out of (ok, maybe 4) was worth the extra fastening, especially since it was my protection from the elements every day for a month and a half.  The pants fit as best they could on my 36” inseam (so I wished they were a little longer) but nonetheless, kept me dry when riding in the rain. Loved the big, removable collar…it really helped on those cold days.  Lots of pockets for all I could think of and more.  So, to all the ladies out there of similar attributes…I highly recommend Scorpion.  They will be where I look first when I need new gear.

A fantastic pair of packs!

From the first day of sunshine to the last stretch home, those bright orange seahorse cases mounted to the side of my KLR worked absolutely great.  My initial phone call to Donald at Seahorse (thank you for the reassurance) was one of concern for the water-proof-ness of the locks .  I liked the idea of locking latches, but wasn’t sure how they would hold up to the rain I knew I was bound to run into in Alaska. Read more →