on the road – AK

A fantastic pair of packs!

From the first day of sunshine to the last stretch home, those bright orange seahorse cases mounted to the side of my KLR worked absolutely great.  My initial phone call to Donald at Seahorse (thank you for the reassurance) was one of concern for the water-proof-ness of the locks .  I liked the idea of locking latches, but wasn’t sure how they would hold up to the rain I knew I was bound to run into in Alaska. Read more →

Day 42. Home at last!

After many slow hours on the 1, it feels good to be finally home.

Day 40. Riding passed the past


It seems like our bodies know where we have been before whether we are conscience of it or not. I have purposefully passed locations I know I have visited in years prior, yet I still find myself pulled over along the roadside, in the same turnouts, only recognizing after dismounting my KLR. But passing years create small changes. Like the Moto man in Port Orford, OR, the jelly fish weren’t in Marshall, CA either.

There was one spot I had to revisit. Not being there for nearly 9 years, my hands still knew where to pull over. Only 3 others know this location for what it is, and It is time to put it in the past. From here, memories will float only along the torrent of the ocean as I let go of what was. Freedom feels damn good and so, I ride on.

Day 39. Raccoons stole my nuts

I should have known when I chose campsite number 13 that it was not going to be lucky. I had seen those pesky but cute raccoons weaving in and around the redwoods just moments before. I had tried to grab a picture, but failed, as the sun was low, tucking itself behind a hill, and the density of tall trees soaking up any light that was left. I had my back turned for only a minute when I saw the hunched grey and black furball cross my camp to join another that was helping itself to my foodsack, relieving me of a hefty bag of nuts. As the masked thief scurried into the cover of ferns, I could hear the plastic bag being poked and torn until the contents were accessible to be devoured. I gave up the chase and they got the feast.

So to add to the night of thievery, anyone who ever complained about Alaska being expensive has never camped on the California coast. Not only have I paid the most for gas here in CA, tonight tops the list in camp fees: $28 for a county tent site (AK ranged from $12-20 max). It includes a patch of dirt to sleep under glittering stars above giant redwoods, along with the roar of soothing, rolling ocean waves, which cover up the sound of devious raccoon feet. Apologies not included.

Day 38. Going back to Cali

Must be getting closer to home… The layers are coming off!


Day 37. 6,487 miles. Oregon Coast

After several days of smelling the roses in Portland, it was time to hit the road again. A tingle of sickness sent me scurrying to the i5, wanting to get home quickly, but when the hours of boring landscape dragged on, I headed to the coast amidst the wind and rain. Well worth the views once blue skies broke through in te afternoon.



Day 32-33. Skomakawa, WA

Could not fully capture the beauty of this Valley, but was delighted to stay as long as I did. Thank you Maria, mom and family!


Day 30-31. Seattle

It’s been a fantastic two days wandering the city with a kindred spirit, happening upon events could not have planned better



Day 28-29. Bellingham detour.

Decided to not return to the hurry of the road quite yet, so I took a little detour to a friends house in Bellingham, WA.


Day 25, 26, 27. View for 3 days…


Exhausted from the final push of riding to Haines, AK, I plunked down on a lounge chair in the solarium (heated top deck) of the ferry and didn’t want move for three days. This was the view from the coziness of my orange sleeping bag. I did move about the ship eventually, sometimes with roll of the ocean, other times meeting great people, which passed the time quickly. Met a fantastic mom and two daughters, whom i strolled with around the town of Ketchikan. Evenings were spent chatting over beverages with a super lovely couple that each rode big BMWs. It was fun to wake up to the bikes parked behind me on the ship after crossing paths with the two at Adventure Cycleworks in Fairbanks. Each of the other bikes on the ship gleamed with a clean my bike has not seen in years. (and there is a hint of envy in that statement). The ferry was a really fantastic experience and I’m glad i caught it going south… Even after 3 days of rest, I am ready to go home.