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photo-mainI have always loved wandering.  Watching the road move beneath me was a comfort I found when I was young. I am grateful for having grown up exploring national parks during summer vacations and learning to camp amongst the trees, deserts and mountains; for having a mother who rode an ATC in the sand dunes of Glamis, CA; for having a father who would take me for rides on the back of his 1984 Honda 110,which he still has in his garage.


In 2002, I remember the first time I swung my legs around the sides of a 1978 Honda CB400T engine, gripped the handlebars and twisted the throttle: the riding all my own. Even though my heart raced, the biggest grin stretched over on my face.

 It was not until 7 years later that I felt a similar rush when I met a weathered rider in Joshua Tree National Park and realized that I could combine my loves of motorcycling and traveling.  Shortly after, I bought a 2003 KLR650 and tested what it felt like to ride in the dirt.  Now, more than a decade and 50,000+ miles later, my heart still races at each thought of my next adventure.

For me, motorcycling is liberating. There is something soothing about the motion of two wheels constantly in rotation.  Some people like curling up with their favorite blanket on the couch… I like to cozy up next to my motorcycle, yellow lines beckoning to be followed around the next curve. There is nothing like passing through a forest when the sun hits pine needles and the scent lingers invisibly, or watching the wafts of vapor rise from a damp road warming itself after a storm, or cresting the ridge after a steep incline, exploding the view of miles beyond. The solace of the open road is my blanket I take with me when I cozy up on the couch, since it’s those memories that rally me for the next one. But the journeys are not without challenge: exposure to percolating heat, caught in flash storms and pelted by hail, spending long hours in the saddle during unavoidable summer monsoons, or holding on with white knuckles as the wind tries to blow me sideways.  And those are just the elements; that’s not even considering what goes on in my helmet.  All that time spent alone you really get to know what you are made out of.

So, this blog is the sum of my travels. Each year I turn my wheels to adventure on roads I only new previously as squiggly lines on a map. Please join me and enjoy as the stories unfold…

A note of appreciation:  Thank you to my family and friends for being so supportive of my adventures, especially as a solo female traveler, and for all the enthusiasm during the chaos of my trip preparations, as well as listening to all my stories when I returned.  To the KLaRmy and ADV crowds I have rode with….Thanks for all the tips and help picking up my bike…it’s been a long and learned road since those beginning rides! And To those I have met along the way and others I have yet to meet… Have wonderful and safe travels!  And see you on the road…


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    love the photos and writings, used to own a KLR 650, great bike would love to travel like you do

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