Exploring Panama City with Adventure Trio

Exploring Panama City with Adventure Trio

It took them five months, but they finally arrived! Adventure Trio, a.k.a. Sandy, Terry and Jack departed California in September 2014 to embark on a journey through the Americas.


Does this qualify for it’s own BMW club?

 Having met them years ago at Overland Expo when it was still held in Amado, AZ, I was excited to see them finally traveling beyond the US border and beyond their comfort zone. Giving up an American dreamscape life in the ‘burbs to travel as three (one growing a shoe size each time I see him) on two bikes, is not on the top of everyone’s list, but it is on theirs.

Every journey proves to be different than the original expectations and what we need to learn sometimes isn’t what we want to learn. I am proud of them for doing just that and in the process I get the chance to host them in my home as they have done for me many times over the years.

Any visit wouldn’t be complete without playing tourist around town. And while they got to visit the Panama Canal on their own (four times is enough for me), it’s always enjoyable to ride to the different viewpoints of the city, then wander around Casco Viejo.

While the time they spent here went by all too quick, and girl time was not enough, the door is always open if they ever make it back this way.  For now, they are off to explore South America after a short ferry ride. Buena Suerte y  Bien Viaje!

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