“Family” Reunions at Overland Expo West 2014

“Family” Reunions at Overland Expo West 2014

Each year Overland Expo provides the perfect venue for an annual reunion with my moto family. We were introduced four years ago when OX was held in Amado, AZ and just like the event itself, the family has grown in numbers.

Photo Courtesy of Alfonse Palaima

Photo Courtesy of Alfonse Palaima

Each year has become a marker of time, assessing the events that took place between mid-May and the year prior. Last year I had just returned from a Pan-American trip. This year, both Adventure Trio and Danell Lynn get closer to their own adventures. The buzz of current preparation gives the travel bug a big nudge. I have to remind myself to have patience. There are other things to be done right now… (Like riding KTM’s as they “fly” above water!)

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This year was unlike any of the others because this was the first year I have been on the Overland Expo team. Working with great folks who gather from all over the globe to bring such an event to the public, it was gratifying to be on the other end. I am thrilled I get to work in a field I am passionate about and see immediate results of the team’s labor when attendees drive away from the expo still grinning ear to ear.

"Official" Overland Expo team Ural

“Official” Overland Expo team Ural


Everyone’s happy when they are in a Ural


The fantastic overland skills driving course

Another first: I walked beyond Moto Village to visit the vehicle driving course (there is more to Overland Expo than adventure motorcycles!) We found an instructor brave enough (the amazing Ms. Sarah Batten) to let me drive a new Range Rover on the skills course, which took the week before the event to build.


Muddy Range Rover, anyone?

Seeing that my driving techniques were overly simplified by multiple detection and control systems built into such a modern vehicle, I then found someone (Graham, thank you!) willing to let me drive their old Land Rover. No bells and whistles there, actually it clanked and creaked and shimmied around the driving course as a diesel engine does. Seeing as how that was only the second time I have driven a manual transmission vehicle (the first being 18 years previous) it made it that much more entertaining of an experience.


I think I can, but reality is different.


At least it was Left hand drive

As usual, a weekend was not enough time to catch up with old friends, teach classes, ride a KTM above water, drive a Ural and Land Rover for the first time, and ensure all the work on the back end runs smoothly. But it was enough time to cherish the friendships I have made there in the past and appreciate the new ones. Luckily, I don’t have to wait until next year. Overland Expo is hosting their first event on the east coast in Asheville, North Carolina on Oct. 3-5. Lots to do before then but excited all the same.


Waiting for next year…

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    You look awesome girl. Miss you long long time. Need to jam around a camp fire with the posse some day…

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