Prep: Packing – the Spare Parts list:

Prep: Packing – the Spare Parts list:

For Tires:

–       21” front tube

–       17” rear tube

–       tube patch kit

–       valve stem & puller

–       valve covers

–       baby powder

–       Slime 12V air pump

For Wheels

–       Wheel bearings (set of 5)

–       15 tooth front sprocket

–       43 tooth rear sprocket

–       Front brake pads

For Controls:

–       Clutch cable

–       Clutch lever

–       Brake lever

For Safety:

–       First aid kit (items discussed laster)

–       50ft. nylon parachute chord

–       poncho

–       hand warmers

Chassis and Engine:

–       Oil filter

–       Qt of oil

–       Chain lube (tri-flo)

–       JB weld

–       Electrical tape

–       Duct Tape

–       Lithium grease

–       Turtle Wax

–       1 ft ¼” tubing

–       Loc-tite

–       Assorted Bolts, nuts & washers

–       Spark plug & spanner

–       Chain link

–       Bailing wire

–       Zip Ties (favorite KLR accessory)

For Electrical:

–       Fuses: assorted sizes

–       Wire + connectors

–       Photocopy of wiring diagram and KLR specs

Not an exciting post, but necessary part of packing.


  • alison on Oct 17, 2012
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    I wax my windscreen and face shield since it works as a great water repellent when it’s raining. Just need to re-apply as I go.

    And no chain breaker…leaving that one to the places I get chain at.

    • hilslamer on Oct 17, 2012 Reply

      Ah, I see. You might consider Rain-X, in that case…it comes in small bottles and even small packets about the same size as a ketchup or mustard packet too, and lasts much much longer. Works great on shower curtains/glass too!

      If you are carrying a chain link(assume you mean master-link), a small, light Motion Pro chainbreaker/assembler may come in handy. Otherwise, the master link is gonna be difficult to install/uninstall in the right circumstance.

  • hilslamer on Oct 17, 2012 Reply

    Just curious – why carry Turtle Wax?

    Also, do you have a chain tool, to press master links apart/together?

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