Setting sail…

The hours passed with grace as we walked down the sidewalks of Port Townsend.  Wooden signs flipped over and neon lights dimmed as stores closed when the day turned to evening.  It was a long weekend observing the end of summer, and the holiday was used to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day. The time together was too brief as the final day of play approached.

We said our goodbyes, a quick send off for my mom to the airport and a teary-eyed departure with my sister as the realization hit that I will not see them for at least 8 months. I will miss the convenience of calling anytime.  I will miss the cackling laughter and the wise advice.  I will miss them.  Knowing I will be less available as my attention turns to the road, I savor the smiles and goofiness while we wave and set off in three separate directions.

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