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Chile: Girls gone feral

We were stopped to the side of a compacted dirt road, tools laid out beside the back wheel, the sound of a chain fallen off had halted any further progress in our destination to Pan de Azucar. Three shiny, big, adventure bikes pull up beside Deb’s fading yellow GS650. It was the Chileans we met at the gas station who told us about camping on the beach at the national park. Read more →

Peru, Interrupted. Pt. 1 – (a photo heavy post)

It was a welcomed interruption from the constant travel that incited survival mode. Ride. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. After hurrying through northern Peru, I was happy to be meeting a friend in Arequipa. He rented a motorcycle from Peru Motors, and after sorting out issues with his bike as well as mine – pushing the distance in the heat caused my fan to shake itself to death – we were off to enjoy the country for a two-week diversion. Read more →

Bolivia: going Down and getting Out.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave Bolivia without it taking me down first.

I should have known when the woman who worked at the hostel asked, “Where are you heading?”
“Chile,” we responded with happiness filling in the space around that one word.
“That’s a good road, as long as it’s not raining.”
Really? Why did she have to say that? What is it with women parting gifts of such promonitive words? And why did we decide to visit Bolivia during the rainy season?

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Bolivia: Trying to find the good things… Carnaval & Salar de Uyuni

The dust laden streets were alive with the sounds of a band marching and the shuffles of dancing feet. They passed the hostel several times before bursting through opened steel doors. We and our dismantled bikes were greeted with confetti and streamers around our necks and offerings of beer, some for drinking and plenty for showering. They danced for carnival, a celebration strongly rooted in tradition. I was surprised, yet thankful, for their welcoming nature at the present since we (gringos) were invisible all other times. Read more →

When they say don’t drink the water, they mean it.

When they say don’t drink the water, they mean it.

(Note to reader: this is medically explicit and contains women specific problems. As a recently pregnant friend said to me… I’m going to tell you things your friends didn’t. With that said, its not pretty, but a reality, so use caution.) Read more →

Bolivia: If, When, Where…

The last leg through Peru was a cold, wet, and snowy one with lightning striking all around us. But I wasn’t turning back to Arequipa. And there is no where worth stopping until Chucuito, which took us through some of the nastiest weather on the trip so far.

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A quick note on photographing people:

On the phone with my mom, she asked, “why don’t you post more pictures of people?” Well, it’s a good question.

I left Los Angeles with the idea of shooting more portraits and people like in the day of Freelander or Winogrand. But when all the other tourists are running around wielding cameras like they were working for National Geographic, I just want to put mine away. I don’t want to be a part of that. Read more →

Peru: A mad Dash

From the moment I crossed the Ecuadorian border into Peru, I could feel the mad dash was on. I needed to make it to Arequipa by Jan, 16. The roads through lush equadorian highlands, once twisted, now straightended for miles and miles through flat Peruvian desert.

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A moment of silence in Peru

Last shot for this G11

I had to stop. My camera slipped out of my hands at 40mph. Luckily, I was already slowing down, wanting to take a picture of the Andean mountain peaks. The clunk of my G11 echoes through my helmet as it crashes onto the asphalt. I turn my KLR around in time to watch a bus nearly miss it. I pick up the dented remains and parked my bike on the side of the road. I had wanted to stop, but being in a hurry to make the 280-mile day to Lima, I was trying to do to many things at once. I retrieve my other camera from a protected case and head out to the fields that so intrigued me. The morning had already been high with emotions, I walk out into the valley, with nothing around but silence. My knees gave way to touch the earth below, and there was nothing left to hold it back. I cried. Not a quiet cry, but a guttural sob, with tears like the clouds promised above. Today I hurt… not just the ache from riding so many days, but the way in which a heart weeps.

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A week in Ecuador

Crunched for time to catch up with blogging, ride reports and facebook, I am only posting an overview of Ecuador, but it barely does it justice the week I spent there. It is a beautiful country, with great roads, almost all of which were recently paved.

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