2012-2013: Ushuaia, TDF

Los Angeles, CA, USA -> Ushuaia, TDF, Argentina

October 24, 2012 – April 27, 2013

It seems like each proceeding trip has had a named intention before I set out, so it is only fitting that this one finally revealed itself… after the “Journey of Self-Enlightenment” in Alaska, which followed the “Journey of Self-Discovery” around the Western U.S… this is the “Journey of Self-Love”. A common reaction to hearing I was a female traveler riding solo through Latin America, was “Why?”  I could not help that The Adventure Trio’s motto pops in my head: “Don’t ask Why, but Why not?”  I thought the answer needed to be more than that.  I was lost in what to do with my life and I need to get out of Los Angeles. Traveling provides clarity for me, so I figured I would find out what to do next somewhere on the road. But what it really boiled down to was… it just sounded like a good idea and I have the means to do it. So, ultimately the answer was Why Not? On October 24, 2012, I packed up all I have come to know of my residence in Los Angeles for the past 9 years and am headed south into an unfamiliar world to explore, to listen, to experience, to savor, and to watch with open eyes and an open heart yet another adventure on the road.

Many have asked how long I planned for this trip. The thought began brewing many months after I returned from Alaska (maybe six months before departure). I was not sure I wanted to take another. But something drew me in. So in August (less than three months before departure) the answer, and surprise to some, was logged on my website:

On August 10, 2012:

It has officially been announced!  Now just need to get my plans in order …

The Pan-American journey: let the roads from Los Angeles, CA lead me south to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, a.k.a “the end of the earth” (…and if I can fit it in…to visit the penguins in Antartica.)

 Complete Route:

Latin America- my Entire Route

Random Trip Specs:
Days en Route: 187
Days on Bike: 103
Sunny Days: 156
Distance: 16,759 miles (26,681 km)
Fuel Consumed: 331.58 gallons (1255 liters)
Mechanical Breakdowns: 3
Flat Tires: 4
Bump / Jump Starts: 8
Traffic Violations (caught): 3
Traffic Violations (ticketed): 0
Countries Visited: 13
Borders Crossed: 18
Beds Slept in: 98
Images Captured: 17,186
Images Used in Book: 364
PHOTO Book Release in 2014