Packing right begins with cases: an easy Seahorse Mounting project

Seahorse brand makes great cases that served me well during my trip to Alaska last summer… they are waterproof, provides solid protection and happens to be lighter than Pelican cases. In my preparation to head south for the winter, I was thrilled to be able to mount new SE-720 cases on the sides and a SE-540 on the rear of my KLR.


The mounting project:

Note: The cases are mounted to a prefabricated rack (www. made for my model bike.

  1. Measure and mark the holes.
  2.  Drill holes
  3.  Attach cases to rack with appropriate hardware.

If that seems to easy, it is.  Just remember to take your time, and measure accurately.  (I was lucky enough to have a friend that is really good at geometry, because with his measurements, the holes were drilled right the first time!)

Here is a pictorial review of the process:

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A big thank you to Seahorse… I’m looking forward to the many miles we will spend together.


  • alison on Oct 22, 2012
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    extra parts and bits… came mounted with the handed-over-to-me rack 🙂

  • DanO on Oct 19, 2012 Reply

    NICE. I especially dig the inboard ammo box on the port side. Tools in there?


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